Sunday, December 12


So I know I've been awful, but school's been crazy.

And I've also decided something.

I'm going to culinary school!

Well, first I'm leaving VCU and working so I can afford my uniform and various kits (I've got knives, but they're all chipped because /someone/ ran them through the dishwasher T____T )

And then in summer, hopefully, I'll be in the culinary arts program at J Sarge, and the pastry arts program after that :)

And so hopefully, that will give me new things to post here, especially sine I'll probably want to practice some things.


Haha. But yeah, I think the universe was sending me signs that what I'm doing now is not what I'm supposed to be doing. So I'm trying to listen to those signs and change courses.

I think I'll look cute in a chef's coat, checkered pants, and toque :3