Wednesday, August 19

New Apartment!

So on Saturday, I moved into my new apartment. Logically, there hasn't been a whole lot of cooking/baking.

Today, I managed to both bake AND cook, and guess what.

My camera hates me.

I went to the James River yesterday, slipped on a rock, and fell in. My camera was in my bag. It works, the but the screen is all wonky. Tomorrow, after my classes, I'll hopefully be able to go to the camera store and see if they can fix it. Until then, no pictures...unless I get desperate and use my cameraphone (Which is actually decent).

Here are fun pics of my apartment, just because I feel weird not posting pictures. XD

My kitchen! :D

I painted my mini-fridge with chalkboard paint.

My room (before I cleaned it) and my power rangers towel :D

My plants.


So yes. flour on her nose has officially relocated to Richmond, Virginia. I live next to a Kroger ( the longest part of the walk is across the parking lot) and classes end at 4 at the latest. Plenty of time to cook. I think I'll also expand to mini-reviews of local food places...first up will definitely be the Village Cafe and their AMAZING shakes (and awesome french fries)

Stay tuned :)



  1. LOVE your brickosity. We're about to move out of a place with a huge exposed-brick wall ourselves, and while there's a lot I won't miss about this apartment, giving up this wall makes me sad.