Wednesday, October 7

Le Sigh

Still no camera = still no posts.

They said 4 to 6 weeks, and it's been nearly a month, so hopefully it'll be back soon.

It's been weird this past month, cooking and baking and not bothering to check my lighting, plate it nicely, and grab my camera with dirty hands. I really miss it, and I really miss doing this.

Every day I try something new, I feel guilty that you guys can't be there to share the experience of the first time. It feels like I'm cheating on you all! Haha.

But truthfully, it's nuts. Being here in my apartment, being able to go to the store whenever I please, has opened up my ability to experiment and learn through sheer trial and error.
And so hopefully, when they return my poor, poor camera, this blog will be even more amazing. (Is it possible?! :P )

Thanks for sticking with me, even through this horrible dry spell. :)



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