Thursday, May 28

Way overdue Christmas cookies!

Wow. I am "epic fail", as the kids say. In my effort to hide the secret of these cookies (surprise gifts), I entirely forgot to post, or even write about them. Luckily, they're a previously posted recipe, so I'll just link to those, but they were so cute (and so much work!) that I have to post them.

While looking for better pictures of my ginger cookies to update here and to try and post on foodgawker, I discovered the pictures of the xmas cookies! So, here I am. :P

Cookie Recipe

Royal Icing Recipe

So. Many. Cookies. Oh. My. God.

Pretty star :P

Richard's Superman cookie :D


More stars!

Zi's Ninja

The boys' initials, before.

The boys' intials, after. In bad lighting. :) Yes, the PG is decorated like Joker.


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  1. Seeing these gives me that intense feeling of nostalgia.

    Ninja, please.